Edison Private School's Physical Education courses aim to foster wellness, knowledge, social skills, fair play, and fun. The activity-based, sequential program introduces students to team sports, health-related fitness components (focusing on aerobic activity, muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility), healthy choices, and lifetime activities. Through these units, students learn and develop the fundamental skills of different sports, as well as essential principles to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Students will work to master these skills individually and in groups, where sportsmanship and cooperative play are stressed.

Students enjoy several Physical Education classes a week, providing them with opportunities to explore and experience various exercises and coordination activities whilst guiding them towards a well-balanced lifestyle of these are taught and developed throughout the grades in a spiraled curriculum providing students the opportunity to build on prior knowledge while learning new skills.

Edison Private School's sports programs for students emphasize sportsmanship, commitment, and personal growth. The after-school sports program for students provides various opportunities throughout the year for them to develop and enjoy their favorite sports.


Fall Sports Winter Sports Spring Sports
Girls Varsity Volleyball Boys & Girls Varsity Basketball Boys & Girls Middle School Basketball
Boys Soccer Girls Soccer Boys Volleyball
Boys Flag Football Boys Flag Football

Lady Eagles Volleyball Varsity Team

Our Lady Eagles Volleyball Varsity Team has been led to multiple district finals and championships by our Athletics Director Maria Barraque. Varsity teams strive to compete at the highest levels, guided by visionary leadership from our coaches while emphasizing sportsmanship and teamwork.

Athletics Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame was unveiled in the fall of 2010 to honor all of the students, coaches, and families who embrace the role of athletics in the development of young men and women.

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