Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are an integral part of learning. At Edison Private School, we offer many Eagle clubs and activities to enrich our students’ lives and provide creative ways to reinforce the vital lessons taught in our classrooms. Students benefit significantly from extracurricular activities and clubs in several ways:


Clubs can be creative outlets for students to explore their interests and passions.


Students learn valuable social skills and how to interact with peers in healthy ways.


Students learn critical time management and organizational skills.


Studies show that extracurricular activities help students perform better academically.


Extracurricular activities can even foster a better sense of community.


Different types of clubs and activities are associated with academic achievement in other areas. For example, students who participate in athletic activities tend to do better in math and science, while artistic activities improve not only academics but working and life skills.

Edison Eagles can participate in an eclectic mix of activities and clubs designed to enrich their academic, creative, and social lives. Edison clubs and organizations include:

Student Council

Students can participate in student council activities at both the middle and high school level, learning how to work as a team and hone their people skills. Students can discover more about themselves while exploring ways to problem-solve with a diverse set of ideas and leadership styles.

National Honor Society

High-achieving students can join the National Junior Honor Society at the middle school level and the National Honor Society at the high school level. Since 1921, NHS has provided access to opportunities for academically successful students while also focusing strongly on benefiting the community.

Dance Club

The benefits of dance go far beyond the physical—dance can help students develop creativity and confidence, as well as self-expression. Research indicates that dance also improves cognitive function and emotional well-being.

Spanish Club

Edison has a strong tradition focusing on developing bilingual skills. The Spanish Club provides an informal setting that allows students to explore Hispanic culture and practice language skills outside of the classroom.

Chess Club

Multiple studies have shown how chess teaches players about problem-solving, decision-making, and concentration. Whether students are new to the game or already know who their favorite grandmaster is, Chess Club is an active and exciting group at Edison.

Educators of Tomorrow

Some say the best way to learn is to teach, and Edison’s Educators of Tomorrow are certainly doing both. Students investigate education and related careers and explore learning mechanics, as well as future career options and opportunities. 

Drama Club

Communication is key, and students who join the Drama Club learn novel ways to tell stories to their audience. Drama Club encourages teamwork to create and execute performances and allows students to practice verbal and nonverbal communication skills. From set-building to acting, students also explore their creative sides and forge strong social and emotional connections with fellow clubmates. 

Our Eagles soar inside and outside of the classroom. Contact us to learn more about our exciting and dynamic clubs and activities at Edison. 

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