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At Edison Private School, we feel that the best investment of our future is a good education for our children. We never stop striving for what should be considered the most important decision for your child’s future. Come schedule a tour and visit our beautiful new campus.

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Edison Private School’s goal and commitment are to provide the highest overall quality education possible for all students. Our highly qualified, talented, and dedicated teachers guide our students to develop intellectually, emotionally, and socially and prepare them for a lifelong journey of learning.


Professional Development

To foster best educational practices, all of our teachers participate in professional development throughout the year to stay abreast of current research and teaching methods and incorporate technology in the classroom.

Technology in the Classroom

Our team of teachers is continually trained to understand and teach the use of technology in the classroom. We use educational software that is integrated into the syllabus of each subject in the curriculum.



Our teachers possess the skills and credentials to successfully teach the programs in two languages (English and Spanish).


Our Mission

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For us, the most important thing is the education of your children


The purpose of Edison Private School is to provide its student community with a high-quality education.


At Edison Private School we believe it is our duty to foster active learning, knowledge, develop skills and strengths to prepare students for a better future.


We want to continue to be the best option for students and for parents and guardians.


At Edison Private School we aim to develop leadership skills, social, emotional, and academic skills to prepare students for success not only in a school setting but also in professional development, college preparation, and lifelong learning.

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The connection between participation in sports and success in academics and life is evident in extensive research spanning decades. 

Summer camp

When school is out for summer, parents will have peace of mind knowing their child is having fun and will continue learning in a safe and welcoming environment. 


Celebrations and graduations for the whole family.

Movie night

We enjoyed movie days for all groups.

Special days

We celebrate the most important days of the year and of the world.


We encourage students to explore the world of art and to be constantly motivated to express themselves through their creativity and imagination.

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Scholarship programs for qualifying families



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At Edison Private School we feel that the best investment in our future is a good education for our children. We never stop fighting for what should be considered the most important decision for your child’s future. Once your child enters our campus, you will understand our commitment to their education. We are based on goals far beyond graduation, but we do instill and encourage a pathway to a college education and life’s challenges.

Applying to Edison Private School is easy. Visit our admissions page to learn about and access the admissions process.

Yes, at Edison Private School we offer an extensive scholarship program for students.

Edison Private school offers a comprehensive, world-class educational program. There are several key components to the Edison curriculum: 

·         Bilingual Education: At Edison, we believe that learning a second language is an excellent way to build cognitive skills and develop an appreciation and respect for other cultures. Our bilingual program builds mastery in both English and Spanish. There are over 572 million Spanish speakers worldwide, and researchers expect this number to continue increasing. 

·         Innovative and Integrated Technology: From the sixth grade on, students can participate in STEM activities like Robotics and Computer Programming. Edison believes that technology is a crucial tool—but never a crutch—for delivering a quality education. Students thrive where technology and tradition meet. IPads, laptops, and adaptive teaching tools such as iReady and Achieve 3000 are assets that complement a proven and effective pedagogy. 

·         Social, Emotional, and Academic Enrichment: Edison has designed student courses to follow individual academic levels. Students progress within the same cohorts and with classmates throughout their educational experience. This fosters academic and social integration in blended, synchronous courses and strongly contributes to their social, emotional, and intellectual development.  

·         Robust College Prep: 20% of Edison students participate in college prep courses. We provide both in-person and virtual college prep to ensure that students are ready to excel as soon as they embark on their college experience. Edison students have a myriad of tools at hand to help them realize their full potential. 

Class sizes are dependent on grade level. At Edison, we value individual attention and smaller class sizes at the Elementary level for students tailored to their needs and abilities. Edison’s goal is always to provide the highest quality education, and class size is an integral part of effective teaching. Many studies indicate that reducing class sizes in lower grades can have lasting positive effects on students as they progress into the upper grades.  

Block scheduling for the middle grades delivers the best of both worlds by maintaining a smaller class size that encourages one-on-one support while also providing a more blended and social group learning experience. While it can be a transition to move from another mode of learning to block scheduling, studies show that students and staff have a calmer and less-hectic experience. It can also provide additional time for deeper dives into the subject material. Students are immersed in a college prep environment at the high school level and participate in both individual and group learning experiences.

Edison provides all students with a 1-to-1 device enabling access to a complementary, all-digital curriculum. We use technology to assist in monitoring progression through educational programs. Our curriculum centers on technology and integrates it in every classroom and throughout the campus to further enrich and enhance the learning experience. At Edison, we recognize and embrace the powerful benefits of incorporating technology into the curriculum and classroom. We tailor technology to fit our students’ age and ability level, and we welcome it as a tool rather than a solution.  

At Edison, a rich virtual library complements on-campus academic tools. Edison offers accounts to dozens of virtual learning resources for students and parents at all age levels, from Pre-K to college-ready. Our extensive virtual library ensures that all students have full access to a diverse range of educational styles and media. Many of the tools are available for students to access any time of the day and any day of the year. We believe in cultivating curiosity and a love of learning, and we encourage our students to explore their interests and passions. 

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We firmly believe that education is the foundation that will make our children better people in the future.

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