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The best investment is a good education. Edison Private School, recognized for its academic excellence, offers you its dedication and experience in education to forge the best future for your children. We firmly believe that education is the foundation that will make our children better people in the future.

Academic Growth

At Edison Private School we believe that your child’s education is the most important thing. The educational content, skills, and personal experiences of your children are our educational pillars to achieve the academic growth of each and every student. At EPS, we highly value our partnership with parents, families, and the community to help students reach their full potential. 

Edison Private School’s curriculum includes core subjects of English, foreign language, health and physical education, history, mathematics, and technology. Our principal, assistant principal, and our three division heads conduct a thorough review of the curriculum to ensure that your child receives challenging and innovative preparation. The curriculum is focused on creating efficient and independent learners oriented to become successful college students and adults. 


At Edison Private School we have the most prepared educational staff to guide your child to develop to his or her fullest potential. Here, all students feel loved and surrounded by a nurturing and caring environment.


At Edison Private School the elementary school has a comprehensive curriculum that ranges from learning reading and writing skills to ethics education that embraces respect, responsibility, and honesty to reinforce the behaviors introduced in preschool. 


For Edison Private School this stage is really important as it is a strong period of transition and transformation. We know it is a difficult stage and we want students to feel comfortable at this stage of their lives. 


At Edison Private School our goal is to prepare students for further study in college. Our curriculum includes encouraging the use of self-awareness tools to help students learn about their abilities and passions so they can choose the direction they want to take in life.

The History Of


Edison Private School

Edison Private School was founded on the principle that an effective school must reflect the interests of the community it serves. The basic premise of the program’s philosophy is centered on the ability to provide a blended education of Latin and American cultures in an authentic bilingual environment.

This objective is attained by requiring Spanish in elementary through high school and maintaining Hispanic customs and cultural values present and co-existing within our community.



Admissions Process

Now that you have seen and decided that Edison Private School is the best choice for your child’s education, it is time to begin the admissions process. Follow the steps below to get started:


Fill Out Online Application

Fill out all the fields of the admission form correctly online.


In Person Interview

The director will interview each student personally and individually and have a conference with the parent or guardian.


Join Our Community

Get ready for your child to receive the best education and be part of our student community. If you would like to fill out a Scholarship Aid Application, meet with our registrar and review the financial aid and scholarships available to all qualifying students.



Important Dates

At Edison Private School we have important dates and events that the student and parent/guardian agree to attend and comply with. We ask students and parents to review our calendar and use it as a helpful guide to the many activities and programs offered at our school, as well as information about school and administrative policies.  We also have a school notification system so you don’t miss anything – if you are not registered for notifications, please notify the office.

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Edison Private School aims to foster the intellectual and physical well-being of each student. We know that athletics is the mother of all games. Our Physical Education courses are geared towards developing knowledge and social skills, fair play, and fun. The sequential program of physical activities introduces students to team sports and the importance of physical health care. We provide a comprehensive physical education that builds on aerobic activity, muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility as well as encouraging healthy choices and lifelong habits. 

Our students will learn to develop skills in different sports and lead an active and healthy lifestyle in an organic and fun way. We encourage each student to strengthen their skills and master them both individually and as a group to awaken their sportsmanship and participation in cooperative games. 

We have a curriculum where students enjoy several Physical Education classes per week, which allows them to explore and experience different exercises and coordination activities. Our goal is to guide students to a balanced lifestyle that allows them to make wise decisions regarding self-care of their physical health and gain knowledge prior to developing new skills. 

Fall Sports


Middle School Girls Volleyball


Middle School Boys Volleyball


High School Girls Volleyball


High School Boys Volleyball

Winter Sports


Middle School Girls Basketball


Middle School Boys Basketball


High School Girls Basketball


High School Boys Basketball

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Edison Private School for my child's education?

Because at Edison Private School we feel that the best investment in our future is a good education for our children. We never stop fighting for what should be considered the most important decision for your child’s future. Once your child enters our campus, you will understand our commitment to their education. We are based on goals far beyond graduation, but we do instill and encourage a pathway to a college education and life’s challenges.

How do I apply to Edison Private School?

Applying to Edison Private School is easy. Visit our admissions page to learn about and access the admissions process.

Does Edison Private School offer scholarships?

Yes, at Edison Private School we offer an extensive scholarship program for students.

What curriculum does Edison Private School use?

Edison Private school offers a comprehensive, world-class educational program. There are several key components to the Edison curriculum: 

·         Bilingual Education: At Edison, we believe that learning a second language is an excellent way to build cognitive skills and develop an appreciation and respect for other cultures. Our bilingual program builds mastery in both English and Spanish. There are over 572 million Spanish speakers worldwide, and researchers expect this number to continue increasing. 

·         Innovative and Integrated Technology: From the sixth grade on, students can participate in STEM activities like Robotics and Computer Programming. Edison believes that technology is a crucial tool—but never a crutch—for delivering a quality education. Students thrive where technology and tradition meet. IPads, laptops, and adaptive teaching tools such as iReady and Achieve 3000 are assets that complement a proven and effective pedagogy. 

·         Social, Emotional, and Academic Enrichment: Edison has designed student courses to follow individual academic levels. Students progress within the same cohorts and with classmates throughout their educational experience. This fosters academic and social integration in blended, synchronous courses and strongly contributes to their social, emotional, and intellectual development.  

·         Robust College Prep: 20% of Edison students participate in college prep courses. We provide both in-person and virtual college prep to ensure that students are ready to excel as soon as they embark on their college experience. Edison students have a myriad of tools at hand to help them realize their full potential. 

What are the class sizes and student-to-teacher ratios?

Class sizes are dependent on grade level. At Edison, we value individual attention and smaller class sizes at the Elementary level for students tailored to their needs and abilities. Edison’s goal is always to provide the highest quality education, and class size is an integral part of effective teaching. Many studies indicate that reducing class sizes in lower grades can have lasting positive effects on students as they progress into the upper grades.  

Block scheduling for the middle grades delivers the best of both worlds by maintaining a smaller class size that encourages one-on-one support while also providing a more blended and social group learning experience. While it can be a transition to move from another mode of learning to block scheduling, studies show that students and staff have a calmer and less-hectic experience. It can also provide additional time for deeper dives into the subject material. Students are immersed in a college prep environment at the high school level and participate in both individual and group learning experiences.

How is technology used and integrated into the classroom and curriculum?

Edison provides all students with a 1-to-1 device enabling access to a complementary, all-digital curriculum. We use technology to assist in monitoring progression through educational programs. Our curriculum centers on technology and integrates it in every classroom and throughout the campus to further enrich and enhance the learning experience. At Edison, we recognize and embrace the powerful benefits of incorporating technology into the curriculum and classroom. We tailor technology to fit our students’ age and ability level, and we welcome it as a tool rather than a solution.  

At Edison, a rich virtual library complements on-campus academic tools. Edison offers accounts to dozens of virtual learning resources for students and parents at all age levels, from Pre-K to college-ready. Our extensive virtual library ensures that all students have full access to a diverse range of educational styles and media. Many of the tools are available for students to access any time of the day and any day of the year. We believe in cultivating curiosity and a love of learning, and we encourage our students to explore their interests and passions.