Edison Private School is committed to academic excellence by balancing the basic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic with independent, social and emotional thinking skills. We make use of technology to deepen learning at every stage of student development. 

Edison Private School’s curriculum includes core subjects of English, foreign language, health and physical education, history, mathematics, and technology. Our principal, assistant principal, and our three division heads conduct a thorough review of the curriculum to ensure that your child receives challenging and innovative preparation. The curriculum is focused on creating efficient and independent learners oriented to become successful college students and adults.

Program Highlights

The curricula at each level of education at Edison Private School are focused on developing and exploiting the capabilities of each student. In addition to the core subjects included in the curriculum, we integrate special programs that add value to education by encouraging the use of technology as a tool to further education, a love of the arts, and activities that enrich each student’s strengths and abilities.

Educational Technology

At Edison Private School we make use of technology to ensure that the learning experience is an active one.

Bilingual Education

For Edison Private School, it is fundamental that students receive a bilingual education to boost student learning and increase their skills.

Enrichment & Arts

Our enrichment classes offered in preschool through eighth-grade help students develop confidence and maturity.